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Name of Activity:

Couch Potato / Nutrition Tag

Purpose of Activity:

As a result of this lesson, students will better understand the importance of health eating and it's relationship to being physically active.


Introduction to the following fundamental locomotor skills-walk, hop, jump, gallop, slide skip.
Introduction to movement concepts and themes relating to moving safety in general space

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Three Noodles (cut in half making a total of six noodles) for a remote control
Two mats to be used as a couch.
Miscellaneous healthy “play” food (fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, dairy)

Description of Idea

Ask students:

“What is a couch potato?”
“Do you think a couch potato is healthy?”
“How can we keep from being a couch potato?

Set Up:

Choose six children to be “it” (the number will vary on class size). Each “it” gets a noodle (remote control)
Designate an area to be the couch (2 mats).
Designate an area for the refrigerator (place healty “play” foods in this area).
If playing outside, designate boundaries.


Students begin by traveling (walking is best!) around the activity area. Remind students about the importance of moving in general space safely. If a student is tagged by “it” with the remote control, they move to the couch (WALK) and become a lazy Couch Potato (students sit, stretch legs, and pretend to watch TV)!

To re-enter the game and move again, another student must retrieve a food from the refrigerator, bring it to the student on the couch, and wait for the coach potato to be energized with the food by naming the food group it belongs (fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, or dairy). Once the correct answer is stated, the couch potato returns the food to the refrigerator and re-enters the game.

Change “it’s” often. Change locomotor skill often hop, jump, gallop, slide, and skip.


In addition to the kids acting like a couch potato you could ask them to do a physical activity before rejoining the game.

Assessment Ideas:

Debrief at the end of class: 
"What foods are healthy foods?"
"What foods should you eat only once in awhile?"
"How do you keep from being a couch potato?"

Submitted by Christine Levering in Robbinsville, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/25/2015.
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Couch Potato / Nutrition Tag

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John Adelhardt

Great activity! I can see students having a blast with this.

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