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Name of Activity:

Floor Hockey Shooting Skill Stations

Purpose of Activity:

To practice floor hockey shooting skills in a creative, fun, safe atmosphere.


Prior practice in proper handling of a floor hockey stick and proper hockey shooting form.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Substitutions may be made if needed. The equipment used for these 8 stations include: 9 floor hockey sticks, 13 poly spots, 3 whiffle balls, 2 bean bags, 3 plastic hockey pucks, 7 cones, 1 rubber chicken, 7 bowling pins, 1 tagboard or roll out paper, 3 mini hurdles, 5 fold-up mats.

Description of Idea

Students will rotate clockwise to different hockey shooting stations every 2-3 minutes. When it is time to rotate, students will set back up their station and put the hockey stick and shooting equipment on the poly-spot. Students keep their same order to ensure equal practice time.

Station 1: Dribbling
Students line up behind a row of spaced out cones. First person dribbles a puck in between the cones and shoots towards the stand up mat for a goal. Return the stick and puck to the next person in line.

Station 2: Bowling
Student stands on the poly-spot about 10 feet from 6 bowling pins and shoots the bean bag toward the pins with the hockey stick. Take two turns like in bowling unless you get a "strike." Set up the pins and give the stick and beanbag to the next student in line.

Station 3: Pin knockdown
Student stands on the poly-spot ten feet from a single bowling pin and tries to knock it over shooting a puck with a hockey stick. Take one shot per round and then return the stick and puck to the next person in line.

Station 4: Through the hurdles
Student stands on a poly-spot 15 feet from the stand up mat as a goal. They try to aim a puck underneath 3 mini hurdles to score a goal. Return the stick and puck to the next person in line.

Station 5: Partner pass
Each student stands on a poly-spot in a zig-zag formation. The student farthest from the goal passes a whiffle ball to the next student and so on down the line. The last person shoots the whiffle ball towards a stand up mat to score a goal. The shooter moves to the starting position and everyone else moves one poly-spot down the line for the next turn.

Station 6: Rubber chicken
Balance a hockey stick on two cones. Attach a rubber chicken or other object to the center of the stick. Student stands on a poly-spot 10 feet from the chicken and tries to aim for the chicken using a whiffle ball and hockey stick. Return the stick and ball to the next person in line.

Station 7: Long Shot
Student stands on the poly-spot 30 feet from the stand up mat and tries to score a goal using a bean bag and hockey stick. Return the stick and bean bag to the next person in line.

Station 8: The Goalie
Draw a large goalie on a piece of tagboard or roll -out paper. Cut out 3 holes at the base of the goalie; one on the left and right and one between the legs. Attach the paper to a stand up mat. Students stand on a poly-spot ten feet from the mat and try to score a goal by getting a whiffle ball past the "goalie" through the holes. Return the stick and ball to the next person in line.


Adaptations include using shorter or longer sticks as necessary, larger targets, or closer proximity to shooting target.

Assessment Ideas:

Students may check off if they were able to score a goal or meet the requirement for each station. Teacher may also use informal assessment as they observe their students shooting form.

Teaching Suggestions:

Have the students perform 10 jumping jacks or other fitness activity between rotations to keep fitness levels up while practicing hockey shooting skills.

You can also give the stations fun names in relation to your school/mascot to build school spirit.

Submitted by Ryan McKinney who teaches at Spooner Elementary School in Spooner, WI. Additional authors for this idea were Jeromie Voeltz. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/17/2015.
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Floor Hockey Shooting Skill Stations

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Sandra Williams

These are great activities. Definitely trying a couple of these. I need to get dome bowling pins for sure. Thanks


The number of students in a group depends on the class. You know your students. Younger students need shorter wait time. With any age, more than 5 students in a group can cause groups to get off task. Equipment can be adjusted based on what space and equipment you have available. I love stations. Great ideas!

Adam Richards

Great ideas!


Great idea! I would use this, but it would be good to know how many students at each station. What specific equipment is used at each station?

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