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Name of Activity:

Fitness Scavenger Hunt

Purpose of Activity:

To increase student's heart rates and improve their physical fitness.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Scavenger hunt worksheet PDF (Word Doc so you can edit)

exercise list (Word Doc so you can edit), and a writing utensil for each group.

Description of Idea

I needed to get creative due to the limited facilities available to me for a fitness class so I decided to combine fitness with fun and excitement. I asked all teachers who had prep during my class if they would help me out. I gave them a specific exercise they would tell students to do. Instruct students to use the clue #1 on their worksheet to find what teacher they need to visit. They must go to that teacher, do the exercise that you assigned to them and the teacher then signs their paper and sends them on their way. I told them they didn't have to go in order after #1, but wanted them to start on #1 so they weren't all at the same teacher. After the teams are done they need to come find you to claim their place. I added a little surprise at the end and had them go visit our school cop (wasn't listed on the worksheet). Our police officer had one more workout they had to do. I have worksheets anyone can use for templates if interested in this activity. The students really enjoyed this activity! I am listing the exercises I had them do below.

3 rules:

1. QUIET in the halls
2. If a team is already in a classroom you have to wait or go to another one and come back.
3. If the teacher isn't their room for some reason, go to another one and come back.

I gave the winning team mini gatorades although they probably wouldn't have gotten those if I didn't already have them in my mini fridge from earlier in the year.

Exercise ideas (feel free to change and adapt):

50 Jumping Jacks
1 minute plank
15 burpees
50 bicycles (abs)
20 push ups
50 mountain climbers
15 lunges each leg (30 total)
50 calf raises
50 High Knees
25 V up/roll up
50 mason twist/boxers/Russian twist
1 minute wall sit
50 Butt kicks
30 ab throw downs

Scavenger hunt worksheet PDF (Word Doc so you can edit) and an exercise list (Word Doc so you can edit),

Teaching Suggestions:

As students are going around doing the scavenger hunt, I roam around to make sure they are behaving and also doing the exercises correctly. I also give some encouragement as they complete the tasks.

Submitted by Shannon Hurst in Sandy, UT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/20/2015.
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Fitness Scavenger Hunt

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Sounds like a fun idea to get students moving and to bring excitement by involving fellow teachers. Thanks for sharing.


Tips for elementary:
12 stations marked on the field = 12 exercices
Students had to be in a team of 2 or 3. Each team has a sheet with the description of the 12 fitness exercice. They go to a number and do the exercice then come back to HQ to get a stamp on their sheet. They can do the number in any order they want but they have to do one number at a time.
The 12 exercices are:
- walk on the slakline holding someone's hand
- 20 jump rope
- 1 lap on walking cans
- rolling foward on the mat
- duck walk
- table walk
- climb the stairs
- cross the monkey bar
- crawl under the hurdles
- Slalom between cones
- fan run
- 20 jumping jacks


My colleague made up something very similar to this that we started to use in the Fall of 2014. One of the major differences that I saw that might help people implement this lesson is we did not use teachers as checkpoints because of using it while we were outside and the weather was nice. We had students make groups of 3 and within their group one person had to have a camera phone. One person took video of the checkpoint while the other two performed it. The same person could not video the whole time. Then we made it competitive where the first team back with all the checkpoints completed (with video) won a prize. 9-12 grade loved it! I then updated it this fall to use QR codes and google maps to implement map reading and technology. This worked well because our high school property is pretty big allowing for ample use of the maps.


used this idea for my 7-12th graders gym class on 9/21/ was a blast,everyone had fun. Though the kids were sweating(love it) they actually weren't complaining. Thanks for sharing

Barbara Kreiss

LOVE this! Just need to find a way I could make it work at elementary. :)

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