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Organization Signals

Purpose of Activity:

To make class run smoother by having the children learn signals to help with class management.

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Description of Idea

Organizational signals mobilize the class, arranging children in various formations quickly and without confusion. Used consistently, these signals can improve class control. Call out each organizational signal and use the corresponding hand signal simultaneously. As the children become familiar with the signal's action, simply use the hand signal.

Note: Always have children WALK when doing these tasks.

1. Listening Circle: Walk quickly to sit cross-legged in a circle near and facing me. (Hand Signal: Point with your index finger to the floor near you while circling the other index finger overhead.)

2. Listening Line: Walk quickly to stand side-by-side in a line near me. Space youselves at arm's length and face me. (Hand Signal: Point your index finger to a line near you, and then extend you arms sideways at shoulder height.)

3. Quiet Signal: Immediately stop what you are doing and raise one hand. Give me your full attention. (Hand Signal: Hold one hand overhead. Wait until all are quiet and paying attention.)

4. Homes: Walk to a free space in the play area and sit cross-legged there, facing me. Check your spot so that you cannot touch anyone or anything. Remember your home. (Hand Signal: Make a roof overhead with hands. Mats or hoops could also be used as "Homes.")

5. End-line: Walk quickly to one end of the play area and stand in a line, equally spaced apart, facing me. (Hand Signal: Point index finger to one end of the play area and extend arms sideways at shouler level.)

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Submitted by Sean Emmett who teaches at West Clermont Local Schools in Cincinnati, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/10/2014.

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