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Same or Different Fitness Getting to Know You

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At the beginning of the year or a time when you have a new class, warm up by playing this get to know you activity. The kids get to know the teacher and the teacher gets to know the students a little bit.

Have children scatter in front of you so they are in their own self space. They need a little room to move.

The teacher says one of their 'favorites'. Any student who matches the teacher does an activity specified by the teacher. All students who are different from the teacher do a different activity specified by the teacher. Here are some examples:

Teacher: "My favorite color is...purple. If your favorite color is purple, crabwalk to the left wall. If your favorite color is something other than purple, crabwalk to the right wall."

Favorite Ideas: Subject in school, food, animal, vacation, do I have a pet dog, I am the youngest in my family, etc.

Fitness ideas: jumping jacks, crunches, leaping, skipping, act out the animal, etc.

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Submitted by Kazia Knowles who teaches at Ellis Elementary in Logan, UT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/14/2013.

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My name is Isaac Adah. I teach PE in Kingdom Heritage Model School,Kubwa_Abuja.

The lesson ideas has been a blessing to me and my work.I've been wondering how to write a lesson plan for a PE lesson. But now I think I have an idea.I'll implement the steps and variations which I know will work, then I'll write again of the effect on my pupils.