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Name of Activity:

Card Swap

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Materials Needed:

A deck of playing cards

Description of Idea

Hand out a playing card to each student as he or she enters the playing area. Tell them to sit down in personal space and ask them to look at the card. The students start to move in general space using any locomotor movement of their choice except for running. If they come to a student who they want to trade cards with, they must say “TRADE” and swap cards. Students are NOT allowed to say no, and MUST trade. Keep trading cards and when the music stops everyone must sit down where they are. The teacher will tell them to look at the number on the card and do that many of an exercise (8=8 mountain climbers, line jumps, etc). If students have a face card that number can be 15 or whatever you choose. When students are done with their exercises have them sit and wait to start a new round.

After a few practice rounds you can add math skills into the game by telling the students to look at their card number and add 5. For older grades you can incorporate simple multiplication.

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Submitted by Shannon Boise who teaches at Milltown Primary School in Bridgewater, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/2/2013.

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Card Swap