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Name of Activity:

Ultimate Football

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of the activity is to have the students work on football throwing and catching skills while participating in a game situation.


Students should have prior knowledge and practice of throwing and catching a football.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Football, Cones, Pinnies

Description of Idea

The students will be broken into 3 different teams of the teachers choice. Two teams will be playing at once while the third team will be off to the side ready to jump into the game. The teams are playing ultimate frisbee rules - when students have the ball they are only allowed to take two steps and if the ball drops on the ground it is the defenders ball. The way a team scores is by making 4 passes and throwing into the end zone or past a line.

Once a team scores the losing team steps off the field, the winning team keeps the ball and starts to automatically go towards the other direction. The third team must jump into the field and begin defending. It is a fast paced game and the students will need to move in and out of the game quickly. When teams are defending they are not allowed to make contact with the offensive team or strip the ball from an offensive player. They are allowed to stand and block passes or knock the ball out of the air. They are trying to intercept passes and knock them down.

Field Set-up: The field can be set up anyway that you please. The students can have end zones similar to a football field or they can have a line that they need to cross. (If you use a line, the students have to make it past the line, in order to score.) The students may take two steps to reach over the line, but their body must be behind the line. Having only the ball cross the line does not count as a point.

Assessment Ideas:

While the team is off to the side you can give them a partner from another team that they will have to watch to make sure that they are using the correct throwing cues gone over in class. They may be able to provide feedback during the game. Teammates are also responsible to remind each other of the cues. (A checklist can be provided by the teacher to help with the breakdown of the cues)

Name: _______________________

Cues YES NO Comments

1. Side to Target

2. Finger Placement

3. Ball By Ear (Telephone)

5. Step in Opposition

6. Tomahawk

Or a quick version

Name: _______________________

Cues YES NO Comments

1. Finger Placement

2. Ball By Ear (Telephone)

3. Tomahawk

Teaching Suggestions:

You can change the number of passes that the team needs to have in order to score. You can make it so that everyone on the team must touch the ball, no set amount of passes, or a different number of passes. It is a fun, competitive alternative if the weather doesn't allow you to go outside.

Make sure you remind students that they can not make more than one forward pass in a regular football game!

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Ultimate Football

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Georgina Percel

Since we are at COVID times I’m playing at elementary level with similar rules but with noodles to tag the student with the ball once tag they have to pass the ball


If the defense deflects the ball or causes the ball to drop, who gets the ball. Offense gets it back? Or defense gets the ball?

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