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Name of Activity:

Partner Balancing (Gymnastics)

Purpose of Activity:

This activity is designed to give students the opportunity to create and design balances with a partner in a collaborative manner.


Prior lessons on individual balances using a variety of body parts as "bases of support" as well as holding a "static" balance still for 5 seconds.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

No equipment needed for most balances. For safety, mats could be used. Foam shapes can be used for certain balances if you want to add to the balances.

Description of Idea

Ask students to see how many body parts they can name that could be used for "bases of support" while balancing. The responses should include knees, hands, elbows, feet, tummy, back, seat, etc. Remind students to keep their weight over their "bases of support" and try and hold their balance still for 5 seconds. Demonstrate what a partner balance might look like.

Divide students into pairs and challenge them to work cooperatively to create and design balances with a partner. The partner can also be used as a base of support. Students are encouraged to see how many different partner balances they can create.


Add foam shapes and other safe pieces of equipment to add them to the balances.

Could add music.

Assessment Ideas:

Move around and observe students working in pairs to see if both partners are sharing ideas. Observe to see if they are holding their balances still for 5 seconds. Pinpoint students you observe in creative balances. Ask students if they would like to share with the class a "favorite balance" they created.

Teaching Suggestions:

Make sure to stress safety and don't let students get to "creative" in their balances.

Have half the class stop and watch as the other half demonstrates. Switch this.

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Submitted by Bill Mosley who teaches at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA. Additional authors for this idea were Kahlil Boyette and Sharon Throckmorton. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/3/2012.
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Partner Balancing (Gymnastics)

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Coach Klose

Thank you so much for posting this lesson, I'm definitely using it with my K-2 PE kiddos! The pictures are extremely helpful as well.


Thankyou for this lesson description! I'm doing my PE assignment for university and this has been helpful, especially the pictures. God bless you! x


Great Idea! I always begin class with balances K_3. I'm always looking for advancement of my routine and this will work well. Thank you. Pictures were great!

Amanda Hajnos

Thanks for including the pictures, those were so helpful. I printed them out and used them as one of 7 gymnastics stations. Honestly the kids did so well and were very focused.

Bert Macklin

What a creative idea! Seeing that I am not in elementary school anymore, I wouldn't feel very confident trying that out on the hardwood floor! Safety mats" would be the only way to go. I imagine this would be a really interesting team builder exercise for the office! haha

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