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Name of Activity:

Dribbling for Nutrition

Academic content:


Purpose of Activity:

To practice reading food labels and determining the correct number of grams of fat and carbohydrates in a single serving. To improve dribbling skills.


Instruction and practice in dribbling. General understanding of nutrition labels.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Enough nutrition labels from various foods for each student in the class. Food labels should show different numbers of carbohydrate and fat grams. Master list of all nutrition labels and the number of fat and carbohydrate grams per serving. Balls of various sizes so each student may choose. Cones or other objects to place nutrition labels under. Upbeat music.

Physical activity:


Description of Idea

The students will review the general form of a nutrition label off of any food. A short discussion of the importance of carbohydrates and a small amount of fat in the diet needs to be reviewed. Each student will choose the size ball that they are comfortable with and the teacher will assign each a number of grams of carbohydrates or fat from the master list of food labels. On the "go" signal, the music begins and all students must dribble to the different cones and look under them until they find the nutrition label that has their designated number of carbohydrate or fat grams. Upon finding the right label they dribble to the teacher, show them the label, and state the food, the designated number of carbohydrate or fat grams, and whether it is a healthy food or not according to carbohydrate and fat content. After completion of the task they dribble the label back to the cone and return to the teacher for a new food!


Students that have learning disabilities or physical impairments can be assisted by other students in the class. For students with reading and deciphering disabilities, both can dribble a ball, but the peer tutor can help read the label. For students with physical disabilities that limit dribbling skills, the peer tutor can assist with dribbling. In other cases such as where a classroom aid comes with the student, I have the student work on a skill spelled out in their IEP, rather than dribbling, while moving to the different cones.

Assessment Ideas:

Teacher observation of correct body position for dribbling. Verbal and visual demonstration by the student of the carbohydrate and fat gram content on their food label, and recognition of the best source of carbohydrates for immediate energy production.

Submitted by Ann  Renee Jackson who teaches at South Elementary School in Martinsville , IN . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/23/2000.
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Dribbling for Nutrition

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