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Name of Activity:

Nineteenth Ammendment

Academic content:

Social Studies

Purpose of Activity:

To develop students' chasing, fleeing, and dodging skills while integrating a social studies topics.


Students need to have had instruction in the specifics of the Nineteenth Amendment.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Cones to mark off the activity area.

Physical activity:

Chasing, fleeing, and dodging

Description of Idea

This activity includes material that is appropriate for students at these suggested grade levels. However, all of this material and its relationship to the activity needs to be disscussed and reviewed with the class in advance. Discuss the Nineteenth Amendment and how it gave women the power to vote. Emphasize the struggle women had in gaining the right to vote. Pose some of the following questions to make sure students understand:

  • 1.How do we make important decisions in our country such as who will be president?
  • 2. Before 1920, who got to vote?
  • 3. Who didn't have a chance to decide important issues?
  • 4. How do we determine if we are for or against an issue that is being voted on in an election?

Form 2 teams by having 2/3's of the class stand on one side of the playing area (these students will be the ones in favor of the ammendment) and have the other 1/3 on the other end of the playing area (they are not in favor of the amendment). On the teachers signal the team that is in favor of the vote (the majority or larger team) will try to move (teachers determine the locomotor movement of travel) to the other end of the gym without being tagged by the other team. Their goal is to get to the other end of the each others playing area. This symbolizes the group successfully got to vote.

When tagged, pro-voters freeze. Have the teams change positions.


Use different topics that involve struggle...African Americans, integration, etc.

Have students travel using other locomotor movements other than running.

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