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Name of Activity:

Math Circuit

Academic content:


Purpose of Activity:

To develop fitness levels and reinforce specific sports skills while integrating basic math.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Long/short jump ropes, beach balls, hula hoops, beanbags, lollipop paddles, nerf tennis balls, Kush balls, gator skin foam balls, playground balls, yarn balls, foam bat

Physical activity:

Fitness and Math Integration

Description of Idea

Set up stations: (you will need a fairly large area for this)

    1) number of jumps over a rope,
    2) count to a number while hula hooping,
    3) throw bean bags into a target,
    4) volley balloons with lollipop paddles or body parts,
    5) toss balls at a target,
    6) toss ball underhand into trash can,
    7) number of soccer kicks to a wall (gator skin/foam balls),
    8) number of basketball dribbles,
    9) number of tosses and catches (kush or yarn balls),
    10) hit beach balls off a tee/cone

Make 3 x 5 cards with math facts appropriate for grade 1-2 level (2+3=?, 7+3=?, 5+4=?, etc.) Have the cards at each station. The students draw the top card, solve the problem and do that many skills at each station.

Assign two students at each station, allow them to complete the task and go to the next station. Go through the circuit as many times as possible.

Modify and add more or less stations as needed.

Teaching Suggestions:

Make sure you show them how to do all of these before beginning. Stress safety at each station. Have restraining lines at each station where appropriate so student who is waiting does not get hurt during the completion of a task.

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Submitted by Leslie  Lynk who teaches at Greenbriar West Elementary in Fairfax , VA . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/23/2000.

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