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Name of Activity:

Scrabble Endurance

Academic content:

Language Arts

Purpose of Activity:

Improve movement skills and increase spelling ability


Students should review spelling words and practice the locomotor and non-locomotor skills involved.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Tape player, pre-recorded music or CD player, 4-5 sets of letters of the alphabet.

Physical activity:

Locomotor/Non-Locomotor Skills

Description of Idea

Students are in groups of 3-5 stationed at different cones. The cones are placed in a large circle (35' diameter).

Cards with the letters on them are placed upside down in the center of the circle. On each card a locomotor or non-locomotor movement activity is written for the children to perform(ie...pushups, burpees, water break, jumping jacks, curl ups, heavenly stairs, jog around the circle, skip, hop or gallop).

The teacher plays recorded music or plays music for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of silence. During the music playing, all students perform a movement that is on a card (for the first one, the teacher will need to identify a movement for everyone to do), while one student from each group performs a designated locomotor skill (i.e. hopping, galloping, sliding) to the center of the room to pick up a card and return to the group.

During the silent music section, the group identifies the letter on the card and the activity. When the music begins again, everyone in the group performs the movement activity listed, while a different child goes to the middle to pick up a new card. The game continues until the group determines that the letters they have selected spell one of the predetermined spelling words. When they have enough letters to finish spelling a word they show the teacher.

Once a word is spelled the letters are returned to the center face down, and the game continues.


Allow students to spell any word they choose, not just selected spelling words.

Allow less time for going to get the letter/skill card.

Have all of the students moving at the same time, when the music stops each student selects a letter and thinks of a word that begins or ends with that letter.

Assessment Ideas:

At the end of the activity, have the students write each spelling word in a list.

Have students spell out the words using their bodies to make the letters.

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Submitted by Anita  Norris who teaches at Amelia Earhart Elementary in Provo , UT . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/22/2000.

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