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Name of Activity:

Seashore Limitations

Academic content:


Purpose of Activity:

As the students learn about the creatures that are associated with different parts of the ocean they demonstrate the movements and behaviors of these creatures in the Physical Education class.


Review the seashore animal characteristics and movement abilities. Review the locomotor/non-locomotor movements used in physical education class.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Scooters, Ropes, Mats, Variety of balls

Physical activity:

Movement Concepts (locomotor/non-locomotor skills, directions, pathways)

Description of Idea

Students should be in groups of 3-4. Each group should be allowed to choose from the available equipment listed above to carry out the activity. Ask the students to recall an animal they learned about in the ocean unit taught in the classroom. The students are to get the equipment necessary to demonstrate the movements and behaviors of these creatures as they travel throughout the gym. An example would be students who study the Rocky Seashore would demonstrate the way a sea star moves and eats its prey. Giving three students a scooter they must figure out how to make the star and move across the sea (gym) to their prey and capture and eat it. After moving ask the students to describe their movements...what type pathways were used?, what directions did you travel in?, what type of range of motion was used?, what type of locomotor or non-locomotor movements were necessary? Other examples could be Octopus, Sea Lion, Birds of the Wetlands, Crabs and Fish.


Other students can be the prey that is captured by the sea animal.

Have students devise the opposite type of movement used with each animal.

Have older students separate the animals into catagories...hard shell, mollusks, phylums.

Assessment Ideas:

Devise a handout in which the students match the characteristics of the sea animals with the movements use in the physical education environment.

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Submitted by Rob  Causton who teaches at Oxford Central School in Oxford , NJ . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/21/2000.

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