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Name of Activity:

100th Day of School

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of the activity is to celebrate the 100th day of school by completing 10 repetitions of 10 different exercises, for a total of 100!

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Worksheets, pencils, basketballs, jump ropes, 100 craft sticks or other small object to count laps. 100th Day Document

Description of Idea

Warm up: Students will run laps, grabbing a craft stick at the completion of each lap, until all 100 craft sticks have been picked up.

Activity: Set up 10 stations, one for each exercise to be completed. Tell students to start at one station, and go to each one until all the exercises are completed. There should be no more than three or four students at each station at one time.

Put a check after you finish each one.

__________ I ran 100 laps with my class.

__________ I dribbled a basketball 10 times.

__________ I did 10 jumping jacks.

__________ I did 10 toe touches.

__________ I did 10 jump ropes.

__________ I did 10 sit ups.

__________ I did 10 mountain climbers.

__________ I did 10 stride jumps.

__________ I hopped on my right foot 10 times.

__________ I hopped on my left foot 10 times.

__________ I skipped 10 times.

I, ____________________________________________, did 100 exercises in Physical Education Class today to celebrate the 100th day of school.


100th Day Document

Assessment Ideas:

The teacher can use this activity as an assessment of the mastery of some of the skills. For example, if it is time to assess a student's ability to hop on one foot, the teacher can observe that skill for each student.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

A student with a disability can be paired with a classmate to complete the exercises. Instead of jumping rope, the student can turn one end of the rope for a peer; in place of the locomotor tasks, the student can complete upper body exercises or stretches.

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100th Day of School

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I just tried this lesson with my 1st-4th grade classes. They enjoyed it and I will be doing it again next year! For sake of time I did not use the craft sticks during the laps, I simply told each student to run a certain number of laps so as a class we would reach at least 100. Also, I did not give 1st grade the paper check sheet. Thank you for the idea!

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