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Name of Activity:

Striking Balloons

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

balloons (one for each student if possible), poly spots, cones to mark the activity area

Description of Idea

As students enter the activity area ask them to get a balloon (have them all the same color if you think your kids will fight over them) and then find a good self space in the general space (marked off by cones).

On the teachers signal allow them to strike the ball towards the ceiling in their own space using as many different body parts as they want (elbow, head, knee, wrist, shoulder, etc.). (Only body part to discourage may be the foot as the kicking motion may be dangerous and it is tough to get the balloon to the ceiling.) Tell them their goal is to hit it up in such a manner that they shouldn't have to move from their own self space. Have them do this for 3-5 minutes. Have them put equipment back and come to you to move on with the days lesson.

This is a good time to see how students are doing with their striking skills. Are they hitting the balloon "underneath" so it goes straight to the ceiling?


Have them put together a sequence. For instance, twice with back of hand, then once with knee, once with elbow, etc. Have them make up their own and then they can show it off near end of activity.

Submitted by Mark  Manross in Blacksburg , VA . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/13/2001.
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Striking Balloons

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