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Name of Activity:

Dynamite Dance Warm Up

Purpose of Activity:

For students to work together in groups of 4-6 to come up with a repeatable movement sequence.


How to work together in a small group where everyone contributes and everyone participates

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

large space

Recommended music:

KidzBop 19 - Dynamite Song which is available from iTunes or

Beginning dance formation:

Scattered formation

Description of Idea

Start with 8 hand claps over head.

Put hands and arms in front of your body like you are driving a car and slowly bend legs down and up again and repeat for a total of 4 times.

Four fist pumps with right hand then left hand.

Repeat fist pump sequence (4 right and 4 left)

30 Jumps with hands over head.

Hitchhike with right thumb over right shoulder two times and then left thumb over left shoulder two times.

On the word "dynamite" explode arms and legs outward in an X form.

Repeat hitchhike and dynamite sequence.

Return to do 4 more of the driving movements.

4 right fist pumps, 4 left fist pumps.

Repeat fist pump sequence.

30 Jumps with hands over head.

Repeat hitchhike and dynamite sequence as before two times.

18 sways with hands over head (arms to the left then right is 1 sway).

24 jumps with right hand up, left hand down, then left hand up and right hand down.

Repeat hitchhike and dynamite sequence two times.

Put hand out in front of body like a stop sign to end dance.


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Submitted by Teri Charpenel who teaches at Fulton Elementary School in Tinley Park, IL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/24/2011.

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This is a grea activity. It works great with my 2nd and 3rd graders.....

Mrs. Donlea

You kids at Fulton Elementary School are the bomb dot com! Great Job!

Carol Montag

nice video! but it need a little more moves.


This is a fantastic video! I think it will work with my 6th graders too!


Awesome Video

Pat Sidley

What a great idea to wake the kids up. Great for cardio and just having fun with movement!