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Name of Activity:

Place Value Math

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of this activity is to develop locomotor skills in a cooperative setting while reinforcing the mathematical concepts of addition, substraction, multiplication, division and place value.


Prior to the lesson students should have adequate understanding of the concept of place value, addition, substraction, multiplication and/or division in mathematics as well as the ability to execute basic locomotor skills.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Numbered Cones

Description of Idea

The activity area is first divided into ten sections using cones and floor tape. Ten different cones are labeled with the numbers 0-9 or cone sleeves or numbers can be taped on the cones. A numbered cone is placed in the center of each of the ten sections Students are then arranged in partner pairs and decide who will be the "ones" place value and who will be the "tens" place value. The teacher then calls out a locomotor skill and a math problem with a two digit answer (Example=Skipping and 3 x 5). The students utilize the loco motor skill to move to the appopriate section within the activity space. In the example the student who is designated the "tens" place would skip to the area marked with the "1" cone and the student designated the "ones" place would skip to the area designated with the "5" cone (3 x 5 = 15). If the problems presented for upper elementary grades become more complex (e.g. require a three digit answer) Simply increase the number of students in each group.


Can be used with foot and hand dribbling skills.

Assessment Ideas:

Students can be given a mini quiz of the mathematics problems presented in the class (if working in cooperation with the classroom teacher) to reinforce the mathematical concepts. Students can be assessed on correct knowledge and performance of the locomotor skills as well.

Teaching Suggestions:

If students start to follow the smartest students, vary the activity by giving each group a card (flash card or home made) with their own math problem and locomotor skill to eliminate copying.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

The activity can be modified to fit the cognitive and psychomotor developmental level of students by simply adapting the math problems to the appropriate level. The use of colors versus mathematics problems can also be used.

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Submitted by Michael Burgamy in Tyler, TX. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/18/2010.

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K-1st do not do multiplication. They do skip couning.

rachel taylor13

this games is really cool but the computer is playing up

Place Value Math