smiley face Thank you for allowing us to post on your website. We had been looking for a qualified PE person to write curricula and the response has been overwhelming!

smiley face We had 2 inquiries almost immediately and 5 more to present. They were all in response to PEC. Your site generates some excellent candidates. I have used every available local resource to surface PE teachers. Your website alone has brought me the greatest number of inquiries from well-qualified candidates. I am convinced that the right person for us is out there. Thanks so much for the excellent service you continue to provide.

smiley face I would like to thank PE Central for their dedication in posting current job openings on their web site. I recently relocated to Texas and I have been substitute teaching. I have been searching for a job in Texas that is ideal for me. I came across a listing for Dallas, Texas, and I sent an email to the school to inquire about the position. I was sent a packet of information about the school, and shortly after I was flown into Dallas' Love Field and taken to the school for an interview. Needless to say, I was offered the job and I am all lined up to teach and coach for the 2002-2003 school year. PE Central made this all possible and I will never forget that.

smiley face Thank you for posting our physical education openings on P.E. Central. We received over 90 letters of interest and applications for our opening and P.E. Central had a lot to do with the interest that was generated. This is the second consecutive year that we hired an applicant who came to us from P.E. Central. Thank you for providing this valuable service.

smiley face I want to remove my job posting for Whittier Elementary. We found a great teacher thanks to your web site. Keep up the great work PE CENTRAL!

smiley face Thank you for allowing us to post on your website. We had been looking for a qualified PE person to write curricula and the response has been overwhelming! Thanks!

smiley face Dear PE Central, Thank you again! Once again your web site has brought us tremendous candidates! We have filled our two open positions with fantastic individuals because of your web site. Thank you!

smiley face Thank you for posting our position opening. I had a tremendous response from the posting and have filled it with a wonderful candidate that applied after seeing the post on PE central. Thanks so much, you do a wonderful job!

smiley face I just wanted to say thankful for offering me the opportunity to list my job opening on PE Central's web site. I was able to fill the job with a great applicant who saw the opening posted here. I mailed colored flyers and sent personal letters to department heads, professors, coaches and career offices at more than 25 of the Northeast's finest PE schools, registered for JobTraks and College Central, advertised in 2 issues of Update, as well as on-line and in Technique, a professional gymnastics journal, and YET, the only qualified responses I got for the position were through your web site. So thank you again for a truly great "network" for the dedicated PE professionals of the world.

smiley face This is an update for the K-8 position opening that has been posted on your web site. Due to your popularity we found the candidate we were looking for and have filled the position. Thanks again. We couldn't have done it without you.

smiley face Hello! Being able to post our PE position on your web page has offered us more choices of applicants than ever. Thanks again for the most excellent site.

smiley face Please remove the posting for PE Teacher, thankfully we have filled that position. We filled our last PE opening through your site and thank you very much for allowing us to post on your site as we had over 6 inquiries for this position.

smiley face We have filled the position listed for our school on your web site. We were able to fill this position with a young man who found our job on your web site. We have been very pleased. Your site was very helpful in our search. Thanks for this wonderful service!!

smiley face Thanks for having such a great web site. It has been so helpful to me. I have posted a job opening for LeConte Middle School. The response has been tremendous. Thank you again.

smiley face I would like to thank you for posting our opening on your job listing service. We received many calls and letters as a result of your service.

smiley face Please delete job announcement for our position announcement on your Web site. Thanks to your site we have had good reply and are ready to make an offer to one of the applicants.

smiley face Please delete the PE position listing for our position vacancy on your Web site. We have filled the position from an applicant who saw the opening on your site! Thanks!

smiley face The position that I listed on PE Central for a Middle Division PE teacher has been filled. Thank you very much.I received an overwhelming response.

smiley face Randolph-Macon Academy hired an individual off your site. Thanks for posting my job opening!! Wow, I got lots of feedback and appreciate your site working with us. We will use this site in the future for coaches and PE. Again, many thanks!

smiley face Thank you once again for assisting with an opening we had. As usual, PE Central helped us to locate and secure a great teacher.

smiley face Hi! Thank you so much for posting our Adapted P.E. position for the Houston/Galveston area. We have recently filled that position from someone who noticed it on this web site!