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Position Information

Position Name/Title: K-12 PE Teacher

Grade Level of Opening: K-12

Application Deadline: ASAP

Job Description & Information:

•Teach daily physical education classes for elementary, middle, and high school students.

•Teach health and sex education classes as needed.

•Serve on an interdisciplinary instructional team.

•Maintain an atmosphere of trust, respect, interest, and enthusiasm within the school.

•Embrace change and innovation and possess the ability to envision and actualize learning beyond the traditional walls of the classroom and school.

•Establish and promote high standards and expectations for all students.

•Establish a professional rapport with students, staff, colleagues, and the greater school community that promotes mutual respect through display of the highest ethical and professional behavior and standards.

•Communicate regularly and effectively with parents to create cooperative relationships that support students in the school and at home.

Additional Information:

K-12 single building district near Traverse City. Starting pay with no previous experience: $41,541. District will match steps.

Posting will be removed from PE Central: 1/31/2022

Contact Person

This is the person for all candidates to contact if they need more information about the job.

Name: Neil Wetherbee
Phone: 231-386-5153

Application Information and Details

Where applicant materials should be sent.

Mailing Address:
Northport Public School
104 S Wing St
Northport, MI 49670

Attn: Superintendent

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October 2, 2001