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Position Information

Position Name/Title: Summer Camp Counselor

Grade Level of Opening: Campers Age 7-14

Application Deadline: ASAP

Job Description & Information:

•Must be 18 years old at time of employment and have at least one year of college
•Must have the emotional maturity to put the camper’s needs above personal desires.
•Must have current CPR certification
•Must have a genuine desire to work with children.
•Must have an interest in sports.
•Must be available for all four sessions of camp.
•Must have at least one personal interview
•Must be comfortable talking about Christian values as represented by the PADDLE brands.
•Must be available for Staff Training June 12-16, 2018
•Must be able to live and work in a large group environment.
•Must be able to accept guidance and supervision.
•Experience working with children is desirable.
•Experience as a camper or as a staff member at a camp is desirable.
•Must be enthusiastic, patient and have a sense of humor
Position Description: Loras All-Sports Camp is a camp where Christian values are taught and emphasized through the vehicle of sports. Counselors must be comfortable talking about values as represented by the brands on the paddle. Counselors need to be able to facilitate small group activity and discussion. Counselors live in the dorms with the campers and are on duty from the time the campers arrive on Sunday until they leave on Friday, with a few hours off each day during instruction.

Counselors are responsible for the care and well-being of all campers in their huddle group of 8-12 campers, depending on the age of the group. Counselors also are expected to instruct in a sport during either Majors or Minors and to participate with the campers during huddle activity and huddle competition.

Additional Information:

Orientation: June 12-16
Session 1: June 17-22
Session 2: June 24-29
Session 3: July 8-13
Session 4: July 15-20

To apply go to:

For further questions please contact:
Tom Kult – Director Loras All-Sports Camp
(563) 588 - 4964

Posting will be removed from PE Central: 5/31/2018

Contact Person

This is the person for all candidates to contact if they need more information about the job.

Name: Thomas Kult
Phone: 5635884964
Fax: 5635884975

Application Information and Details

Where applicant materials should be sent.

Mailing Address:
Loras All-Sports Camp
1450 Alta Vista
Dubuque, IA 52001

Attn: Director - Loras All-Sports Camp

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October 2, 2001