Name/Title: Lifetime Activities Photo Assessment

Purpose of Event: To assess students on their understanding of movement concepts, activity tactics, and principals on the activity of their choice.

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials Needed: Computer, Facebook Account-fan of the PE 380 page, any picture may be used, Lifetime Photo Assessment

Time Needed to Complete: 20-30 minutes (student time)

Description of Idea

On Facebook-Students will choose an activity that was performed in class and create an explanation of a photograph focusing on the activity (20 pts). Through the description of a photo they choose, each student will document the knowledge they have of the activity.

Explanation should include:

-Name of the activity
-What type of area the activity needs to be played on.
-Do you need to be with partners or in a group?
-What type of equipment needs to be used to play the activity?
-Briefly explain the scoring system and rules used when playing the activity.

Lifetime Photo Assessment

Submitted by Lauren Chilcott in Stevens Point, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/26/2010.
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