Name/Title: Lifetime Activities Paperless Assessment

Purpose of Event: To question students on rules and facts about leisure activities, which will help teach students how to set up and play the activities on their own.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials Needed: Students must have access to a computer with Microsoft PowerPoint to access this PowerPoint Paperless Assessment (PPT).

Time Needed to Complete: 7-10 minutes (outside the gymnasium)

Description of Idea

The goal of this assessment is to provide students the knowledge and skills to engage in the lifetime activities independently. When they leave the gymnasium students should be aware of what it takes to have success in lifetime activities in their own neighborhood or local park.

This assessment has 12 questions. The teacher can decide how to score each question on the quiz, or score based on participation of the quiz.

This paperless assessment is to be used by students outside of the gymnasium. Students will be given a link to the school’s website or more specifically the physical education website, which will contain this interactive powerpoint assessment. Students will be instructed to take the quiz and the teacher will be able to see which students have taken the quiz on the website with an online sign in sheet.

The assessment uses NASPE Standard 2 to determine if students understand the concepts and principles of lifetime activity game play, including rules and set up, with the ultimate goal of promoting the activities in the students’ own household.

Paperless Assessment Quiz (PowerPoint)

Paperless Assessment Quiz (PDF)

Submitted by Mark Krommenacker in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/12/2010.
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