Name/Title: Serving Up Baskets

Purpose of Event: To practice underhand volleyball serving.

Activity cues: Step in the direction of the hoop, hold ball waist level in front of shoulder of the striking hand, hit the ball with the heel of the dominant hand, don’t throw the ball rather hit it out of the non-dominant hand , follow through toward the hoop.

Prerequisites: The students should have learned the proper technique for an underhand volleyball serve. They should have practiced this skill at a net prior to this activity.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: 1 no-sting ball or oversized volleyball for every 2 students, basketball hoops, a cone or circle marker for each group and plenty of small items (beanbags) to be used as counters for each group.

Description of Idea

This activity is to help the students get height on an underhand serve, as well as, to develop accuracy when they are serving. Groups of 2 will be at the basketball goals with each group having a volleyball and 20 bean bags on the floor behind the foul line. I have 6 basketball goals and 2 groups at each goal. There can be more than one group at each hoop. The student with the volleyball will be at the foul line with the partner behind them. At the signal “go”, the person with the volleyball will serve the ball at the basketball goal. If they serve it and make a basket they will take 3 beanbags and place them in a small pile under the goal next to their teams cone. If the ball hits the hoop, but doesn't go in, they get to move 2 beanbags. If the ball hits the backboard only, they get 1 beanbag. The server retrieves the ball and gives it to their partner. Play for a specific time, until the music stops and add up the points. Have partners set a goal for number of points, play again and see if they can get more points. Have students switch partners, set a new goal, play again and see how many points they can get.


Add up all points for the entire class. Have a competition to see if the class can beat their previous score. This could be used as a station idea if you don't have many basket hoops.

Assessment Ideas:

Teacher observation of the cues is used to see if the students are using the proper technique when performing the serve.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Depending on the disability the student could move closer to the hoop, a lighter ball can be used, or a student could use 2 hands to toss the ball underhand at the hoop.

Submitted by Diane Lopez who teaches at St. George School in Erie, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/5/2010.
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