Name/Title: Poster Contest!..."Good Health and Fitness Practices"

Purpose of Event: To have students demonstrate what health concepts they have learned over the semester or year.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials Needed:

White Board and marker (for brainstorm session)
8.5" x 11" paper- 2 per student (for planning stage)
Pencils, colored pencils, crayons or markers (for planning stage)
Poster Board and markers to be provided to finalists for creating large posters

Description of Idea

This is a good end of semester or end of year project. Is can be used to help students review everything learned.

Learning Activities:

1. In class, students brainstorm about topics and activities covered in P.E. and Health that promote Good Health and Fitness. Teacher make a list on white board & make list as detailed as possible. Examples: Nutrition, Hygiene, Exercise, Sports, Dance, Disease Prevention, Safety, etc.

2. Students think about or brainstorm how they might be able to write a headline or slogan for specific topics that would encourage others to utilize this practice for good health/fitness.
(Example: If the topic chosen is "Nutrition", what statement, slogan or headline could be used to promote good nutrition? Students brainstorm for ideas. Next, student should think about graphics, pictures, or art that would help promote the message and make the poster visually pleasing to the eye.

3. Children are expected to be somewhat ‘knowledgable’ on the topic they choose for their poster. Therefore, students are encouraged to RESEARCH the topic they choose before beginning poster. For example, If a child chooses “Nutrition”, he/she would want to review things like The Food Group Pyramid, Basic Food Groups, Recommended Daily Requirements of Each Food Group for Children, etc. – so that accurate information is given in the poster.

4. Students can use class time and home time to create poster. The poster’s message should be clearly a message that educates and promotes a specific topic or activity related to "Good Health or Fitness Practices".

Posters can be displayed on bulletin boards in gym or classroom, or in school hallway (one at a time, each for a period of 2 weeks).


Teacher could let students draw subjects/topics out of a hat.

Teacher could use many different subject areas/topics for this same lesson idea.

Teaching Suggestions:

Allow only 3 students per topic/subject area.

This is a good end of semester or end of year project, to help students review everything learned, and choose one concept or activity that they feel is well worth promoting to encourage good Health and Fitness Practices.

Submitted by Karen Schmitz who teaches at St. George Elementary in Tinley Park, IL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/15/2015.
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