Name/Title: Hey Baby

Purpose of Event:

Students will learn an upbeat and easy to follow dance that will increase their heat rates.
Students will be able to follow eight count sequences cued with: shake, clap, jump, grapevine, jumping jacks and march for a total of 32 counts.

Prerequisites: Grapevine, slide, march

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Two scarves per student

Recommended music: Hey Baby on Crazy Frogs CD #2, (green cover - check iTunes store) or use any song with a good, steady, easy to follow beat.

Beginning dance formation: Line

Dance source: Adapted from a dance created by Greg Montgomery, NJ and Susan Flynn, SC.

Description of Idea

The Hey Baby Line Dance can be done with many grade levels but works best with 3rd-5th graders.

Students are in lines or in self-space. Each student has one scarf in each hand, but is not necessary. For the younger children it is recommended they do not use scarves. They may simply shake their hands on the scarf counts.

Stand with legs shoulder width apart facing the teacher.

Cts 1-8 Counts 1-4 shake hands up to right 2x then left 2x; counts 5-8 shake hands down by knees to right 2x then left 2x

Cts 9-10 Clap 2x (it's a light clap because students are holding scarves but it works).

Cts 11-12 (2 cts) Jump forward 1x & say ooh, pause on count 12

Cts 13-14 (2 cts) Jump backward 1x & say aah, pause on count 14

Cts 15-16 Clap 2x

17-20 Right grapevine (step R to R side, cross L foot behind R, step R to R side, touch L toe next to R foot)

21-24 Left grapevine (step L foot to L side, cross R foot behind L, step L to L side, touch R toe next to L foot)

25-28 2 criss cross jumps (jump crossing feet, jump landing with feet apart, jump crossing feet, jump landing with feet apart.) Arms are crossing overhead or students can perform 4 vertical jumps.

29-32 March in place

Repeat throughout the song


1. During the grapevine steps, cts 17-24, ask students to try a 4 ct. turn in each direction.
2. For younger students, sliding 4 cts. each direction instead of the grapevine works well.
3. During the march, have students’ count 1-4 in different languages. I use Spanish, German, or Japanese. (This would be teacher directed so everyone calls out the same numbers.)
4. During the march students can turn and face a different wall and perform the dance facing a new direction.

Assessment Ideas:

1. Ask students to create a different move they can perform during counts 25-28. Instead of the criss cross jumps students can perform a different dance step. (i.e 4 cts of bleking; jump around in a circle for 4 cts; heel jacks for 4 cts etc.) Students can share their dance step ideas with a classmate and during the dance try the new dance moves.
2. Ask students to feel their pulse both before and after the dance. They can be asked to share one benefit that dance has on the cardio-respiratory system.

Teaching Suggestions:

Students who have difficulty following the steps are encouraged to jump, slide and march during the more difficult steps in the dance.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Providing scarves helps to engage students with limited mobility.

Submitted by Drexena Puza who teaches at Charleston Progressive Academy in Charleston, SC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/14/2010.
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