Name/Title: Smoking Aerobics

Purpose of Event: The purpose of this activity is to show how smoking tobacco affects a person's everyday physical activity.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-12

Materials Needed: Straws, steps for aerobics, pulse meters or stethoscopes (styrofoam cups can be used as stethoscopes) cotton balls, rubber band, sandwich bag, "Live Tobacco Free" worksheet questions which are included in the description.

Description of Idea

I. Step Aerobics: Do a ten minute step aerobic routine with the students. Any routine will do, as long as it is rigorous and gets their heart rate up

II. Using the stethoscopes have the students check their heart rate. Anything can be used to help them understand that their heart rate has gone up

III. Discussion: Have the students fill out the first two questions on the worksheet, which are provided next.

  1. Write any two factors you know about smoking.
  2. Write down your two most favorite physical activities.

IV. Mind Map what the students answered for question one and discuss. Each student can come up and write their own answer on the board.

V. Smoking Aerobics: Each student needs a straw and a step. They will do the same exact aerobics routine from the beginning of class. The difference is they will be using straws to breath in and out. The straws represent how a smoker feels when doing physical activity. (Note: Please be careful with this portion of the lesson for safety reasons. Make sure students are very careful with the straw as they do this).

VI. Have the students check their heart rate again to see if there is a difference compared to the first time

VII. Finish worksheets by answering question three and four which are provided next.

3. Write two feeling words you experienced when doing aerobics while breathing through the straw
4. How can smoking affect your two favorite physical activities you wrote down in question two?

Discuss answers as a class.

Submitted by Ralph D'Angelo Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/3/2010.
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