Name/Title: Badminton Golf

Purpose of Event: To have students work on their badminton serve by having them hit the shuttle into a hula hoop that is varying distances away from the server. This works as a great game where there are a large amount of students in a limited amount of gym space.

Prerequisites: Badminton serving, and for younger grades, making contact with the shuttle in general. For younger grades, balloon badminton might be a good start before this activity.

Suggested Grade Level: all

Materials Needed: 9 hula hoops act as the 'hole' for each of 9 golf holes. 18 small cones. One acts as the 'tee box,' and the other acts as the flag in each hole. Labels (numbered 1-9, and taped to accompanying pylons, one at tee box, one at hole)

Description of Idea

With your group, you will be playing 9 holes of ‘Badminton Golf.” The object of this game is to land the bird in the hoop in as few shots as possible. The group with the lowest total number of shots will win a group reward (group scores will be averaged if the groups are uneven).

How to play:

1. Each group member will ‘tee off’ their own birdie from the tee box for each hole (marked by a pylon)

2. To tee off, players must hit an underhand badminton serve. Overhand serves will be penalized by one stroke.

3. After each group member has teed off, players will go to their birdie, and try to hit it into the hoop from their new spot.

4. When retrieving the bird from the new spot, players will walk up to the bird, stand with their feet on either side of it, pick it up, and hit it from there. Players who move closer to the hoop will be penalized one stroke.

5. When hitting the bird into the hoop, the bird must stay inside the hoop for it to count. If it bounces out, the player has to hit it from the new spot.

6. Once all players in a group have completed the hole, that group will mark their score in the appropriate box. This is done by writing the number of strokes into the box for that hole. Make sure to mark your score on the next tee so that groups waiting to play can go ahead. When all players have completed a hole, then the group can move on.

Assessment Ideas:

Create a simple score card by making a 6 x 10 chart. The top of the chart indicates the hole number, and the names go down the left hand column. The bottom row can be used to total up scores. By looking at this chart, the teacher can see how many 'hole in 1s' a student got, which can indicate the students ability to serve with accuracy. The teacher can simply stand at one tee box, and quickly assess each students serve becasue each student must complete each hole.

Submitted by Erik Lemke who teaches at St. Thomas the Apostle in Renfrew, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/23/2009.
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