Name/Title: Surgeon Generals Report

Purpose of Event: To have students gain a better understanding of the new health and physical activity standards, to learn the value of physical activity and to spread the word about this important information along to others. A secondary objective was to work on the student's ability to synthesize and reduce a large report into a smaller, more digestible piece.

Suggested Grade Level: 9th and Up

Materials Needed: The "At A Glance" version of the Surgeon General's report for all students. Click here to get that or if your school has access to the Web have them go and visit the site.

Description of Idea

Students read the "At A Glance" version of the Surgeon General's Report ( Students first turned in a simple outline of the report then they were asked to write a paper that required them to synthesize the knowledge they gained from reading the Report. They had to include the following in their paper:

Lastly, students were to have 4 adults read their paper and sign stating that they had done so. This last part was an attempt to have the students pass this information along to others who would probably not read it otherwise.

Grading (project represented 50% of students health grade for the grading period)

Submitted by Kevin Harris who teaches at Auburn High School in Riner, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/20/2001.
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