Name/Title: Attendance Alternative

Purpose of Event: To decrease time spent taking attendance and increase activity time. In addition, it allows students to self-assess their level of responsibilty on a daily basis.

Prerequisites: A trusting environment and a knowledge of students faces and names.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials Needed: Clothes pins, storage board, small skinny whiteboard or other type of board, Social Responsibility Handout

Description of Idea

In an effort to increase activity time in my classes I have cut attendance time to a minimum by writing each students name on a wooden clothes pin. As the students enter the gym they find their clothes pin and clip it to another board with the corresponding number of their proposed effort for the day. We use 1-4, four being high. Criteria for performance levels can be added as needed. Once everyone has entered the gym and clipped their clothes pin we begin instruction.

After class, students get a chance to move their pin if their actual performance levels differ from the proposed effort level. While students change I can then take attendance. I always complete a visual check as well.

Social Responsibility Handout


This could be advanced for team selection. Each clothes pin would have a series of colors on them. For example the first color on their clothes pin would be the class broken into two teams, the second, three teams and the third four teams. The teacher would need to make the even teams in advance. At the beginning of each class or on a bulletin board the first, second or third color would be announced and the teams are formed. Students will meet up with their corresponding colors.

Submitted by Rebecca Dann who teaches at Trumansburg High School in Trumansburg, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/22/2009.
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