Name/Title: FALLing for Fitness

Suggested Grade Level: 2-8

Materials Needed: 30-40 laminated, multi-colored leaf cut-outs with an exercise and the number of repetitions listed. I use a die-cut machine and paste the exercises on the leaf along with a picture of the exercise on the back. Try to have enough leaves so that the students don't have to wait. Examples of exercises: 10 Jumping Jacks, 10 Shoulder-Touch Push-ups, Run 1 Lap around the gym, etc. Any Music

Description of Idea

During the Fall season I do this activity as an Instant Activity.

When the students have entered the gym we talk about the Fall season and what changes occur. Most students will say something about the leaves changing color and falling off the trees because I have already scattered the leaves throughout the gym on the floor, face down.

When the music begins the students will go at their own pace, moving (teachers choice of locomotor movement) from leaf to leaf, and performing the exercise listed on the leaf. When they complete the exercise on one leaf they move to another leaf of their choice. Make sure there are enough leaves so there is no waiting or standing around.

For younger classes, you can help them read the exercises on the back or have pictures of the exercises as well.

After a few minutes of continuous activity I 'freeze' the students and ask them what they have to do when there are leaves in their yards. (RAKE THEM!)

I ask the students to please 'rake' up the leaves and bring them to the leaf bucket.


Each color leaf denotes a specific fitness component (i.e., Yellow = cardio; Red = muscular endurance; etc. Students are instructed to have so many yellows, reds, etc.

Teaching Suggestions:

Photos of the exercises on the back of the leaves.

Special leaves with smaller reps or easier exercises.

Help younger students read the exercises.

Laminate the cards so that they last longer and you don't have to make new ones next "season!"

Submitted by Jason Steele who teaches at Perkett/Roosevelt Elementary in Minot, ND. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/23/2009.
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