Name/Title: Volleyball Rotation

Purpose of Event: The purpose of this activity is to teach the forearm pass, overhead pass, or serve, or to review those if they have already been taught.

Suggested Grade Level: 4-5

Materials Needed:

2 volleyball nets set up, 6 beach balls or trainer volleyballs depending on class skill, 18 poly spots in sets of 3 by color.

Volleyball Rotation Diagram

Description of Idea

Set Up:
Set one poly spot on the far side of the net (spot 1). Place one of the spots on the other side of the net (spot 2) and place the third near the gym wall on the same side as spot 2 (spot 3). This will create one group, these poly spots should be the same color. Color coding helps students know who is in their group and for class management. Repeat this process all the way down the net evenly spacing the groups. Have each student go to a dot, this becomes their group. If you have more than 18 in your class have two students go to each back dot.

Before demonstrating the rotation, demonstrate the forearm pass and the appropriate cues.

The student on spot 1 is the hitter. The student on the spot 2 is the tosser and the student on spot 3 is waiting for their turn.

The tosser's job is to give a nice high toss over the net to the hitter. The tosser is the most important part of the rotation, so really emphasize the tosser giving good throws. If it is not a good throw the hitter catches it, rolls it back under the net, and asks for another. They may only do this one time, however, to keep the activity going.

The hitter's job is to use the forearm pass to hit the ball. The hitter only gets one hit. If it does not go over they just catch it. If it does go over the tosser may try to catch it.

After the hitter hits the ball the whole group rotates. The tosser becomes the hitter, the student waiting becomes the tosser, and the hitter goes to the end of the line. When rotating, emphasize that the students should not touch or pull on the net.

Be sure to demonstrate the rotation several times.

After students have practiced the forearm pass, demonstrate the overhead pass.

When you feel your students are ready you can use the rotation but have them rallying back and forth. You can have them only focusing on one hit or make them have to figure out which hit they would use (overhead pass or forearm pass). They are to rotate if one person hits it twice in a row, if they don't use the correct volleyball hit, or if the ball goes out of bounds (into someone else's space)

This rotation can also be used to teach the serve. Except spot 1 will be the catcher and spot 2 will be the server.

After the 1st class this is good to use as a warm up and to review the different hits.

Volleyball Rotation Diagram

Assessment Ideas:

This rotation makes it very easy to go around and see each student using the different volleyball hits especially if you have the students rallying.

Teaching Suggestions:

This rotation is great especially if you do not have a ton of space or equipment. Once the students get used to the rotation and tossing over the net, it moves very quickly so no one is waiting long. Also, with this rotation you can create many little games to keep the kids motivated. For example, with the forearm pass, if the hitter hits it over the net and the tosser can catch it their group would get a point.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

To adapt this activity you can lower the net, use balloons, or other light weight balls.

Submitted by Diana Klein in Alexandria, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/11/2009.
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