Name/Title: 'Dem Bones

Purpose of Event: To learn the medical and common names for the bones of the skeletal system and the locations of these bones.

Suggested Grade Level: 4th-5th

Materials Needed: Open classroom setting, flat life size paper or rubber skeleton separated into individual bones, large brown paper sack or garbage bag, prize items - stickers, stamp on hand, etc.

Description of Idea

Two teams set up on both sides of the open area after reviewing all major bones and locations. Call a random student to come to the front and draw one bone from the bag. Remove bone. Hold it up for the class to see.

Assessment Ideas:

Ten minutes prior to the end of class, place students in small groups and allow them to complete an erasable chart where they rename all bones or use matching.

Teaching Suggestions:

In addition to the earning of knowledge points mentioned above, you might want to give students/teams the ability to earn extra points for sportsmanship. If you notice teams really supporting each other no matter if the student "messes up" give them extra points for that.

Submitted by Dama  Hamrick who teaches at Wells Branch Elementary in Austin , TX . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/18/2000.
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