Name/Title: Poly Spot Dribbling

Purpose of Event: To improve students’ hand dribbling ability.

Activity cues: Push the ball, feel the ball, fingerpads (NOT palm), look up, waist-level bounces

Prerequisites: Ability to dribble with one hand, knowledge of numbers and counting

Suggested Grade Level: 1-2

Materials Needed: Basketball (or other ball that bounces) for each student, poly spots with numbers written or taped on them.

Description of Idea

Have students carry their ball as they jog around the activity area with music playing. When the music stops they quickly find, and stand on, a poly spot (or any kind of spot that the can dribble on). Students dribble the number of times noted on the poly spot. The teacher will turn the music on and off as a signal for students.


Lower-skilled students can dribble with two hands. Higher-skilled students can practice with their non-dominant hand.

Numbers could be taped and written on the bottom of the poly spots so students need to turn over the poly spot to know the number of dribbles to be performed.

Math problems could be taped onto the poly spots instead of single numbers.

Spelling words could be used.

Shapes could be taped to cards.

Dice could be used to determine the number of dribbles.

Assessment Ideas:

A rubric can be used to assess students’ dribbling abilities. Teachers can observe students’ abilities to dribble.

An exit slip could be used to assess students’ knowledge of dribbling cues and/or uses.

Teaching Suggestions:

Have more poly spots than children scattered throughout the area. This allows students to quickly find a spot nearby.

Submitted by Kristina Shemming in Ewing, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/5/2009.
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