Name/Title: Movement Concept/Locomotor Movement Assessment

Purpose of Event: A quick assessment to determine whether 2nd graders grasp the concepts of locomotor movements, different pathways and personal space.

Suggested Grade Level: 2-3

Materials Needed: Writing utensils for the kids.

Description of Idea

This assessment can be used as an exit slip at the end of a class or can handed out as a take home assignment. The classroom teacher could be asked to have them fill this out before coming to PE class as well.

Teacher: Probably best to copy this into a word document and format it for yourself.


Name : _______________________ Class: _____________________

1) Circle all the locomotor movements:

Skip Stretch Hop Twist Run Walk Bend Gallop Crawl Slide Leap Sway Jump

2) Draw a zig-zag pathway:

3) Draw a curved pathway:

4) Circle all the people that have personal space:

(Teacher draws two people with personal space and two people who are very close to each other before photocopying the assessment for the students)



You could change question 1 to sequential pictures that deomonstrate the locomotor movements and have them write the word in a blank next to each movement (you will no doubt need to post a word list).

For question 4 you could either have them diagram people in an open space or I would provide a rectangle and randomly places letters inside it (some letters in "good" personal space, some letters not) and have them write the letters that are in "good" personal space.

Teaching Suggestions:

You might have to read this to some of the kids in the class so remember to set aside time for this.

Submitted by Katie Wesseling who teaches at Frisbie Elementary School in Meriden, CT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/18/2009.
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