Name/Title: Tiger Pull Flag Football Lead-Up Game

Purpose of Event: To demonstrate speed and agility while carrying a football.

Prerequisites: Proper way to carry a football (three points).

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials Needed: Flags, 10-15 footballs, cones.

Description of Idea

Field or gym set up with four cones to indicate an endzone, and cones along the sides for out of bounds. Size of playing field can vary based on amount of space available. This game can also be set up in smaller fields so that multiple groups could play and there would not be a safety issue of students running into each other.

Students are given flags and divided into two teams per playing area. Defensive team begins in the middle of the field and huddles to devise a defensive plan. Offensive team begins in the center of an endzone.

Each member of the offensive team is given a football to carry to the other endzone. On the whistle, offensive rushes toward the endzone, as the defense moves to pull as many flags as possible. If a players flag is pulled, they return to the beginning by running along the outside of the playing area. One point is earned for each team member that makes it to the endzone without their flag being pulled.

After the points have been counted, offense hands a ball to defense and teams switch roles.


Set up in smaller groups.

Teaching Suggestions:

Make sure the students/teams are placed far enough apart so that safety is not an issue.

Submitted by Stephanie Miller in Lynchburg, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/25/2008.
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