Name/Title: Off to a Good Start (Bulletin Board)

Purpose of Event: To have students identify strategies they will individually use to be successful in the physical education course or activity. It is hoped that students will examine all aspects of what makes a successful physical education student -attitude, effort, preparation, etc.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-12

Materials Needed: Lined paper plus writing utensil for each class member, Construction paper in a variety of colors, Markers, Bulletin board or other display area, Xerox copies of a sneaker for each class member.

Description of Idea

Students will complete a typed worksheet which asks them to identify 5-10 actions they will take in order to be successful in the physical education class. (e.g., "I will come dressed for activity" or "I will make a sincere effort at all times", etc.)

After completing the worksheet (which I collect and read), students will decorate their own individual sneaker. A large octopus (made of construction paper) with many "legs" is placed on the bulletin board (I used my P.E. Leadership students to make this) and as students complete the decoration of their personal sneaker, they place it on the board on one or the tentacles with a push pin. Above the octopus is "Let's Get Started on the Right Foot..."

At completion it provides a very large visual reminding the entire group of their collective efforts to do well in class.

Submitted by Pat McDiarmid who teaches at McDiarmid in Wilbraham, ME. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/8/2007.
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