Name/Title: Balloon Round-Up

Purpose of Event: To improve the skill to strike an object with a paddle.

Prerequisites: practice of striking skills - focusing on the following cue words: * Flat Paddle * Stiff Wrist (pretend it is in a cast) * Watch the Object

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: one paddle for each student, 2-4 folding mats, 50+ balloons

Description of Idea

Use paddles and balloons in self-space prior to this activity. Practice the underhand hit (with the face of the paddle to the ceiling). The class is divided into six teams of "farmers" scattered around the room. Each team will have their own "barn" made of two folding mats standing upright and forming a barn-like structure. Fifty plus (50+) balloons will be scattered on the gym floor. On the "go" signal, students use their paddle to round up the farm animals (balloons) and herd them into their barn. Only one balloon can be taken at a time. Once a student has a balloon, other students are not allowed to touch that particular balloon. The game continues until all balloons are in the barn. Students then return to their starting positions and sit with their paddles at rest.


Use koosh balls, a shuttlecock, a foam ball, a dead tennis ball

Assessment Ideas:

Teacher checklist observation of the cues:

1. Does the student keep the paddle flat as a pancake?
2. Does the student keep the wrist tight?
3. Does the student keep his/her eyes on the object at all times?

Teaching Suggestions:

To apply math skill integration, balloons can be worth various points and students can add the points at the end of each round.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

larger/lighter paddle, balloon tied to chair for continuous hitting

Submitted by Christy Valentine who teaches at Pole Green Elementary in Mechanicsville, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/26/2008.
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