Name/Title: The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Purpose of Event: To enhance the concepts of the Lewis and Clark Expedition by creating a simulation of physical education challenges similar to the actual journey of Lewis and Clark. Students will be challenged to log 8000 steps, compared to the 8000 miles that were logged during the actual expedition.


Safe practices for using pedometers, noodles, jump ropes, bosu trainers or turtles, and a climbing wall.
Cognitive concepts related to the Lewis and Clark Expedition (vocabulary, explorers, geography).

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed:

Lewis (Straw cowboy hat) Bucket for supplies
Clark (Straw hat with fake animal fur material added to brim) - Clipboard with journals/logs
Sacagawea (Dream catcher from the Dollar Store for fifty cents each) – Map (Attached)
Teachers: (We wore headgear like the explorers for the entire week – Raccoon hat, Cowboy hat with fake fur, and an Indian Headdress)
Cones (to display individual state challenges)
Hoola Hoops
Rubber animals
Rubber rings
Jump Ropes
Speed Stacks (To Build a Fort)
Small exercise mats (Fort)
Bosu trainers or turtles
Souvenirs (optional – we did lots of pretending here – a rock could be a ball, see suggestions for each state)
Indian feathers
Tennis balls
Clear stones (craft stores)
Pipe cleaners

Description of Idea

Students will participate in a four – five day adventure to stimulate the Lewis and Clark expedition. Our project involved three physical education teachers, one teaching associate, and all of our facilities. Students work in groups of three and determine their role (Lewis, Clark or Sacagawea). Once the expedition is introduced, students gather supplies and set out on their journey to try and log 8000 steps. We researched the actual expedition and correlated the physical activity challenges to each state.

The following files should be read in order. These are the files that should fully explain everything.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Adaptations can be made for each station.

Expedition teams can be formed to accomodate students with disabilities. Roles should be selected based on needs of the students.

Submitted by Tessa Pehanick who teaches at St. Anne's - Belfield School in Charlottesville, VA. Additional authors for this idea were Paul Hoover. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/25/2008.
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