Name/Title: Highlight Video Assessment

Purpose of Event: The purpose is to assess the students' knowledge in identifying basic football pass patterns and basic football terms as demonstrated during an actual football game.

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials Needed: Video recorder. Video editing capability.

Time Needed to Complete: one football game, editing time

Description of Idea

Students observe a video tape which highlights an actual football game in which teams use various pass plays we have practiced and used in the students' high school flag football classes in PE. The pass plays include: square out/in, hook, down and in/out (or post/corner), fly, quick slant. The video is edited (by the teacher) to highlight a receiver running each of the patterns several times. Other football terms are also taped (fumble, interception, touchback, etc.). The videos we use are the ones of our high school games since they are not copyrighted and our kids love to see their classmates on TV. In addition we also film our PE classes in games. Extra credit situations can also be taped.

The students do this assessment in class and write things down on paper during the video. I correct their answers with them in class so they can see the answers (one more way to learn it).

Scoring Rubric:

Determine the total number of items a student must identify and assign a point value to each. 90% correctly identified = A

80% correctly identified = B

70% correctly identified = C

60% correctly identfied = D

less than 60% = F

Extra credit items can be credited to final total and raise the overall grade. Extra credit is never counted against the grade.

Teaching Suggestions:

Can use this with many other sports such as basketball, etc.

Submitted by Julianne Cox who teaches at Pioneer Westfield High School in Hancock, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/5/2007.
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