Name/Title: Body Part Tag

Purpose of Event: To have students practice their chasing, fleeing, and dodging skills.

Suggested Grade Level: 4th and Up

Materials Needed: Cones to identify playing area

Description of Idea

It is best to play this tag game in a smaller groups as opposed to the entire class. So split the class into two/three groups (i.e., 8-12 players), cone a playing area off, and have them play in those smaller areas. Have the students find a good self space in the playing area. Identify two taggers and the rest will be dodgers. The object of this game is to tag the dodgers on a named body part that the teacher identifies (i.e., shoulders, elbow, knee, back, etc.). The dodgers are trying to avoid being tagged on that named body part.

On the teachers signal the game starts. Have the students move in other ways other than running at first (i.e., fast walking, galloping, skipping, etc.). Any dodgers that are tagged must immediately freeze. They can be freed by unfrozen dodgers who have to tag them on a body part other than the tagged body part (the one the teacher called out).

The taggers will have one minute to try and catch all the runners. After that, select new taggers and continue playing.


Call out a different body part while they are playing to keep them off guard.

Make the playing areas smaller or larger.

When the teacher says "group switch" that means the teams must stop playing, switch to another coned off area and then they continue playing.

Teaching Suggestions:

Make sure your students have a good grasp on how to move safely in and around others while in general space (i.e., they have learned some chasing, fleeing, and dodging skills).

Remind the kids to keep their eyes up and be adamant about not allowing students to dive to tag someone. They must stay on their feet at all times.

Do not use the walls of a gym as boundaries of the space. Use cones that are away from the walls.

Submitted by Mark  Manross in Blacksburg , VA . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/6/2001.
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