Name/Title: Geography General Space

Purpose of Event: To help students work together and learn about states and/or countries while designing their movement area for the day.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: 40-50 jump ropes (or any number that works for your space)

Description of Idea

The students are told after they arrive in class that they have 5 minutes to take the jump ropes from the box and make the state or country of the teachers choice with the ropes by laying the ropes on the ground to form the shape of that state. They are told that they can use the entire area and they must use all of the ropes in the box.

The teacher will know when they are done when they are all standing around the capital of the state. If the students don't finish in 5 minutes they will be asked to start again with a new state. Upon completion it is a good time for the teacher to talk about how well they cooperated during the activity. This new area can now serve as the space for warm activities in general space.

Teaching Suggestions:

If you do choose to use the area to have them move in please inform the students they should stay away from the rope borders on the floor because it is real easy to slip on the ropes. If the teachers sees this happening then they should stop the activity and put cones up instead.

Submitted by Mark A.  Manross in Blacksburg , VA . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/17/2001.
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