Name/Title: Loop Da Hoop

Purpose of Event: To have students practice cooperation skills as a group while working on a task

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: One or more plastic hoops

Description of Idea

Instruct players to hold hands in a circle with a hoop hanging over a pair of hands between two people. On terachers signal, tell the group to pass the hoop around the circle without letting any hands go.

Encourage players to use different strategies to help their neighbors position the hoop. The task is finished when the hoop returns to its initial position.

With 8 or more players, add a second hoop of different color across from the first hoop. Once the group has completed the task, score the game by how many hoops a group can pass around in a specified time frame. (Continue passing the same hoop[s] around successive times until time expires.)

Make sure to give feedback to the group about how well they are cooperating or not cooperating. May want to deduct points/time if you see incidences of un-cooperation.


Add another hoop and/or suggest that players try to pass the hoops without letting them touch the floor.

Add a smaller and/or larger sized hoop for an additional challenge.

Submitted by Steven A.  Henkel who teaches at Bethel College in St. Paul , MN . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/21/2001.
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