Name/Title: Lining Up for Classroom Teacher

Purpose of Event: To keep students busy and behaving while in line waiting for their classroom teacher to arrive and take them back to class.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Description of Idea

I use two activities often that work well to keep students from misbehaving in line while waiting for their teacher after PE class.

1. SLEEPING BEAUTY. Students stand single file on the line by the door, ready to leave. They are allowed to lay down on the line and pretend they are sleeping - like Sleeping Beauty (they usually like this because the floor is cool). When their teacher arrives she/he has to guess the secret word to awaken them. (The class chooses the word before they sleep). I give the teacher clues or even quietly tell them the word if it is difficult. When the teacher says the secret word the kids jump up out of their sleep. Sometimes the students say a special word. For example, if the secret word is Frosty (The Snowman) when the students wake up they will jump up and say "Happy Birthday!" like Frosty does when his hat is placed on his head. To the students it's a game they love and often ask me to play! To me they are lying quietly and orderly on the floor ready to go.

2. FROZEN SPORTS FIGURES. Students stand on the line by the door and I tell them to freeze in their favorite sport pose. For example they may be throwing a football, hitting a softball, or other. They can not talk and can only be unfrozen when their teacher arrives.

Submitted by Randy Hershey who teaches at Copopa Elementary School in Columbia Station, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/22/2006.
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