Name/Title: Fitness Disc Golf

Purpose of Event: This activity was designed to provide an enjoyable format for fitness activities.

Prerequisites: Students should be able to demonstrate ability to accuratley throw a frisbee.

When done with heart rate monitors or pedometers, it is important for students to have previously learned step counting, monitoring their heart rate, and know their target heart rate zone.

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials Needed: 3-5 different colored cones, 16 in all-one cone for each hole; flying discs for each student; 1 flag for each cone which clearly states the cone number and the fitness task for that hole; pencils, score cards; heart rate monitors/pedometers(optional)

Description of Idea

This game can be played indoors, but is best for a large outdoor area such as a soccer field or football field.
The course is arranged with numbered cones representing each hole. On a cluttered field of cones, it may be helpful to have colors assigned to specific hole numbers (i.e. holes 1-4 are tall orange cones, holes 5-10 are purple cones, 11-16 red; or each hole has it's own color).

The course can be arranged so that students start on the outside edge of the field and follow a spiral path to finish in the center; or cones can be placed in parallel lines to lead students back and forth across the length of the area; or the course can weave or zig-zag from one side to the other and wrap back close to the beginning hole.

Each cone should include a flag with the hole number and a specific fitness task, which is completed by the students following each disc throw towards the next hole.

A score card with a list of holes and their individual fitness task is given to each student to tally their strokes (or one given to each group). Students are to complete the course in pairs (or foursomes). Assign each group a beginning hole, and they must follow the course in chronological order after the start. If a student begins on hole 4, they move to hole 5, continue through the last hole and then do holes 1-3 to complete the entire course.

If the fitness task for the hole where the pair is beginning is “5 pushups,” both students will throw their Frisbee, jog to where it landed, then each student performs their 5 pushups. Once the fitness task is completed, they make their next throw towards the target cone. The fitness task is to be repeated with each toss/throw, until the student hits the cone.


Play in foursome rather than pairs. Play as partners not single players.

Move to a rollable surface for wheelchairs; modify tasks for students' needs; shorten hole distances; substitute disc for a ball or any easier to throw object; use larger targets for holes; work with a partner.

Assessment Ideas:

Qustions following the activity:
How much time did you spend in your target heart rate?
What happened to your heart rate when you did pushups vs. jogged to your disc? Why?
Students can record steps/heart rates for each hole and use their numbers as a guiding motivation.

Teaching Suggestions:

Students who complete the course before their classmates should be instructed to try and improve their score by redoing select holes.

Pedometers and/or heart rate monitors add a great deal to this activity.

It's great to encourage the best (lowest) course score, but it is also important to recognize things like students who recorded the most steps and students who spent the most time in their target heart rate zone.

Submitted by John Hennings in Laramie, WY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/26/2005.
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