Name/Title: 5,6,7,8 Line Dance

Purpose of Event: To encourage students to enjoy dance, to learn simple dances steps, and to move to the beat of the music.

Prerequisites: Practice counting to an 8 count while listening to music

Suggested Grade Level: 4th and up

Materials Needed: Music, CD player, See video below.

Recommended music: "5,6,7,8" by Steps. Song can be found on One Step by Steps or Sports Illustrated for Kids - Game Time.

Beginning dance formation: Scattered

Description of Idea

Cue up song. There is a short introduction to the song. Begin after "5,6,7,8" is sung.

First 8 Counts:

Grapevine to the Right (step with Right foot to the right side, Left foot steps behind the Right, step Right foot to the side and Left foot closes beside the Right) (1-4)

Grapevine to the Left (step with Left foot to the left side, Right foot steps behind the Left, step Left foot to the side and Right foot closes beside Left) (5-8)

Next 8 Counts:

Step with Right foot diagonally to the front.
Close with Left foot.

Step with Left foot diagonally to the front. Close with Right foot. (1-4)

Repeat diagonally with the Right foot.
Repeat diagonally with the Left foot.

(Hands do a pumping action during these 8 counts: As you step, arm are straight at sides. As you close, bend elbows so fists are at shoulders.) (5-8)

Next 8 Counts:

Standing in place,
Move Right hand to Right hip.

Move Left hand to Left hip.

Move Right hand to Right back pocket.

Move Left hand to Left back pocket.

Clap 2 times.

Point to head with both hands.

Bend Right knee and point to Right foot with both hands. (1-8)

Last 8 Counts:

Take 4 steps backward-Right, Left, Right, Left. (1-4)

Jump in place 4 times. (5-8)

Repeat dance until end of song.

Check out the video clip of this dance in action.

Assessment Ideas:

Observe students and check to see if they are on cue when the singers say "head"-students should be pointing to head, "toe"-students should be pointing to Right foot, and if students are jumping when "5,6,7,8" is sung.

Teaching Suggestions:

The music is fast paced so the students need to be familiar with the dance steps before putting them to music.

The Boot Scootin' Boogie line dance also works well with this song. The song moves at a faster pace, so students need to be very familiar with the steps to Boot Scootin' Boogie.

Submitted by Carol Compton who teaches at Sims Elementary School in Conyers, GA. Additional authors for this idea were Cameron Compton (my daughter).. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/30/2009.
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