Name/Title: Nutrition Station Circuit

Purpose of Event: To have the kids review and understand the different fitness concepts along with different basketball skills.

Prerequisites: We used these nutrition terms with words of the day and the students learned the terms throughout the basketball/nutrition unit. This activity is meant to be a review.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Construction paper for signs, one basketball for every child, jump ropes, mats, small balls for fun pushups, cones, floor tape or poly arrows to show direction, koosh balls, polyspots, broken hula hoop tunnels, scooters, several hula hoops to keep balls from rolling away at the stations.

Description of Idea

This activity starts with 10 stations. Each station has a nutrition concept and something to do with that concept physical. You must encourage the students to read the signs!!! When rotating, the students look at a sign on a cone with a basketball picture that tells them how to travel to the next station.

Sample Stations:

  1. Carbohydrates: Source of energy for your body. At this station I have the students spell Carbohydrates. With every jump (jump rope) they earn a new letter. Once they spell Carbohydrates individually, they can jump with a partner and list sources of carbohydrates on each jump.
  2. Calories: Unit of energy. At this station, have a grab bag of several different aerobic exercises to burn calories. The students grab one exercise from the box, do it, then grab another.
  3. Dietary Guidelines: 7 step guide to eating healthier. This is something that comes from our health book that talks about eating fewer fatty foods, etc. At this station they shoot a basket and after each shot, they go over to the poster and read the next dietary guideline.
  4. Calcium: This is a fun push up station where we have an upper body mat that has different ways to do pushups. Here the teacher can predetermine how many pushups to do by having a bag full of different sources of calcium. The students draw out of the bag and read the source of calcium. The number of exercises they do depends on how many letters are in the word. Ex: Milk (4), Cheese (6)
  5. Empty Calories: Food loaded with calories and little or no nutritional value. These are cheap forms of energy and a lot of them make you tired and weak so this is a resting station. The teacher can have a picture of all these types of foods.
  6. Minerals: This is a balance station where the students get a koosh ball and a polyspot to balance the mineral on there leg while balancing on one foot. Each koosh ball has a different mineral name attached to it.
  7. Fats: Burn fat with aerobic exercise! The teacher can have 5 different ways to do jumping jacks here. Ex: Boxer jumping jacks (boxer jumps from jump ropes), forwards and back with legs, crisscross and jumping jacks with a kick.
  8. Water: This station is the scooter swim. The students ride the scooters on their bellies and each broken hula hoop they go under has a different fact about water.
  9. Protein: Builds and repairs muscles! We have the students using the resistance bands here.
  10. Vitamins: At this station the children choose their favorite exercise, read a food label then pick a vitamin off the food label. The number of exercises they do depends on how many letters are in the vitamin they selected. EX: Vitamin C= 8

Examples for basketball travel to the next station.
*Zig Zag Path dribble (floor tape markings)
*Right hand only
*Left hand only
*Switch hands
*Cone dribble maze
*Backwards dribbling
*Around the world (ball handling around your body)
*Figure 8 walking (ball handling)
*1/4 turns dribbling
*Dribble and skip (just to add a challenge)

Assessment Ideas:

At the end of class, verbally ask them random things about the stations. Ex: What source of calcium did you draw? Ask them if they learned something new that we didn't cover in class. Most of them say something about reading the nutrition label and all the different vitamins they found on the label.

Submitted by Kelly Woner who teaches at Madison Elementary in Lombard, IL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/12/2005.
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