Name/Title: Halloween Stations

Purpose of Event: To practice the manipulative skills of overhand throwing, underhand throwing, backhand throwing, and striking, as well as the fundamental motor skill of pushing. The emphasis will be on the eye-hand coordination component of temporal awareness.

Prerequisites: Students have previously been taught the proper skill structure of throwing and striking.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: Scooters, plastic bats, polyspots, Hoppity Hop ball, white sheet, rope, scoops, bean bags, mats, Frisbees, crates or boxes, plastic beverage bottles, plastic bottles weighted with sand, plastic cups, sponge balls, black balloons, foam “noodles” cut in half or thirds, plastic pumpkins, Halloween decorations.

Description of Idea

Review the cues for the underhand throw, overhand throw, backhand throw and striking. Stations are set up so students rotate clockwise around the gym. Demonstrate each station before assigning a starting point for each student. Stations #1 and #3 involve partners, so divide children into groups of 2 or 4 per station. If the total number of students is an odd number, then alternate turns in the partner stations.

#1 - Batmobile: Equipment and set up: Scooters. Have scooters available, one for every two students. Designate a starting point and an ending point. Setting up along the wall is preferred, because they are out of the path of others. Directions: Student sits “pretzel style” on the scooter. The other student will push the partner on the scooter to a designated area and back. Stress safety by telling students to keep two hands on partner’s back while pushing. Remind them to slow down before reaching the end line.

#2 - Fly the Ghost Home: Equipment and set up: Plastic bats, polyspots, Hoppity Hop ball, and white sheet. Hang the Hoppity Hop ball from a basketball hoop so it is chest level for the students. Drape a white sheet over it to represent a “Ghost.” Place 2-4 polyspots on the floor to show students where they should stand while striking at the “Ghost.” This is for safety, so students don’t get too close to each other when striking. Directions: Standing on the polyspot, swing the bat as you would in baseball, attempting to hit the ghost.

#3 - Brain Toss: Equipment and setup: Scoops (brain holders,) red bean bags (brains,) mats (haunted house.) Set the mats upright, next to each other, to form a “house.” Directions: Students will place a bean bag in the scoop and underhand toss it to their partner. Toss back and forth inside the “haunted house.”

#4 - Flying Saucers: Equipment and set up: Frisbees, crates, plastic bottles. Set the bottles on the crates or boxes, having the crates against a wall so stray frisbees don’t fly into anyone. Designate a starting line. Directions: Students will backhand throw the frisbee (Flying Saucer) at the bottles, attempting to knock them down. When they are all down, students will set them up and try again.

#5 - Graveyard Bowling: Equipment and set up: Bean bags and plastic bottles. Set up the bottles in a line against the wall. Directions: Lying on floor, slide the bean bags towards the bottles (Tombstones) attempting to knock them down.

#6 - Hats Off: Equipment and set up: Plastic bottles weighted with sand or salt, plastic cups, sponge balls, crates or boxes. Set the plastic cups on top of the weighted plastic bottles which are placed on top of the crates. Directions: Students will use the overhand throw to attempt to knock the plastic cup (Hat) off the bottle (Ghost.)

#7 - Spider Hit: Equipment and set up: Foam noodles cut into 1/2 or 1/3, black balloons. Directions: Students will toss the balloon into the air and use the striking motion to hit the black balloon (Spider) with foam noodle (Spider Stick.)

#8 - Pumpkin Toss: Equipment and set up: Plastic pumpkins and bean bags. Set the pumpkins along the wall. Directions: Standing at a designated starting point, students will attempt to underhand toss the bean bag into the pumpkin.

Assessment Ideas:

Use a checklist to observe proper form of the underhand toss, overhand throw, and striking with a long-handled implement.

Submitted by Joan Charles who teaches at Union Cross Academy in Kernersville, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/8/2004.
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