Name/Title: Interactive Heart Rate Worksheet

Purpose of Event: This interactive worksheet is meant to teach students basic facts about the heart, how to find target heart rate, and the importance of aerobic exercise. A secondary purpose of this lesson is to give students more experience using the computer.

Prerequisites: Students should have an understanding of basic computer skills. Students should have had some prior learning experience with heart rate and heart facts.

Suggested Grade Level: 4-5

Materials Needed: A computer for each student, stations set up in the gym that would help students get in their target heart rate zone.

Description of Idea

Please use the following question/answer worksheet that will help students learn about both the heart, heart rate, and activities that help the heart.

The assignment is meant to be used in a team teaching situation but can be adapted to be used in any situation.

Interactive Worksheet (PDF) (Download Acrobat Now!)

Interactive Worksheet (Microsoft Word)

Interactive Worksheet (Web Page)

This is a different idea for teaching heart rate information that the kids really enjoy. We have found that they would much rather be on the computer then write with pencils!

Assessment Ideas:

The interactive worksheets can be printed and graded. The questions that follow up the hyperlink section can be used as a assessment tool.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Students can be paired at computers during the computer lab time. The can also have buddies in the active gym section.

Submitted by Marianne Noelte who teaches at Delmar Elementary School in Delmar, MD. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/16/2003.
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