Name/Title: Tennis Skills Booklet

Purpose of Event: To determine if students can apply their knowledge of tennis skills to develop a booklet of the basic skills needed to begin to play a game of tennis.

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials Needed: Colored paper, markers, skill pages, stapler, pencils, any other equipment the students may ask for.

Time Needed to Complete: 45 minutes.

Description of Idea

"Many parents enroll their children at neighborhood recreation centers because they cannot afford to stay home and entertain them during the summer vacation. Because the enrollment level is typically high at these centers, there is a need for high school students, who are looking for summer jobs, to assist and help teach the children certain sports skills, specifically tennis. The supervisor in charge of the neighborhood recreation centers is looking for some booklets describing the basic strokes of tennis. The supervisor feels that the content provided in these booklets could help high school students teach tennis to children at each of the neighborhood recreation centers."


"I would like for you to develop a booklet of basic tennis skills that other high school students could use to teach children the basic skills of tennis. I will provide writing utensils, markers, and any other materials that you may need to complete your booklet. All you need to do is fill in as much information as you can. You have 45 minutes to complete the project."

Complete the following steps in order to develop your booklet: