Name/Title: Quickest Round-Up

Purpose of Event: To improve on the efficiency of kids lining up to leave the activity area.

Suggested Grade Level: 2-5

Materials Needed: Stopwatch and place to record fastest times.

Description of Idea

This idea works best at the beginning of the year when you are establishing your protocols for lining up to leave the class in a quiet manner. It is very important that you stress that safety is the number one priority! They must line up being cordial and nice with each other and in the proper manner. Teachers need to understand that this may not be something you do every day as situations in your activity area may not warrant using this every day.

Each time the classes line up, I time them with the stopwatch. If anyone is pushed or hurt or if there is a lot of noise, the contest is invalid for that class that day. To start have each class complete only against each other in comparing their times. (After a while you may want to consider having each grade level compete against each other).

I post the quickest times, changing as necessary. If they beat the quickest score, they get a bonus point in P.E. The students really enjoy the competition and comparing the times with other classes and it has really helped with lining up efficiency.


You may think of graphing the results either using a bar graph or line graph which graphically shares with the students just how fast they are lining up.

May want to have weekly challenges, by ABC order, Age order, Color of shoe, etc. It may add a minute or two but it could encourage other skills as well.

Teaching Suggestions:

You may want to give points for the quality of their lining up and give them feedback about how well they did with respecting each other, and note those who made good decisions when they lined up.

It is very important that the teacher stress that it is the process that is most important and not the final product. There will be days when the fastest is not the best so there may be days that you do not want to do this idea.

May be best to just two this for 2 months at the beginning of the year and then maybe revisit after major holiday breaks such as Christmas holiday.

Submitted by Wendy Halford who teaches at Lomie Heard in Blue Diamond, NV. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/16/2003.
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